One of the most well known rites of passage for high school juniors and seniors is the standardized test - whether it is the ACT or SAT or both. The score a student earns on either of these tests could influence admission to his or her dream school and will likely factor into many scholarship applications. At Scholar Compass, we recognize the importance of competitive test scores. We want to help each student achieve a high score in order to maximize his or her opportunity for scholarships and admission to the college of his or her choice.

We meet with and assess each student individually so we can ascertain strengths and weaknesses across the tested topics. Each student will learn strategies and methods that are tailored to his or her individual style. At Scholar Compass, we acknowledge that everyone learns and processes information differently - so why make each student go through the same methods and preparation? Our test preparation program is more than a checklist of topics and subjects - tailor-made to fit each student.


Scholar Compass can also assist you with your move from home to university or college. We offer extensive relocation services. Whether you are interested in renting or owning, we can offer you many options for off-campus housing. Our licensed Realtor can arrange showings and tours of homes and/or apartments for rent and/or sale in the area of your university. We can tailor the showings based on your desired area of the city and your price range. We can also offer access to moving companies that will pack your belongings and relocate them to your new home.

FINANCIAL PLANNING (with our partners, Plan the Way Foundation)

Many students and parents struggle with how to pay for college. Scholar Compass, in conjunction with our partners, Plan The Way Foundation, can help you find the means and alternative ways to fund higher education. We can assist you with many options, including government loans, personal loans, and personal loans without a co-signer. We reveal many techniques to increase your chances to receive the maximum amount of aid with the lowest interest rate. We can also assist parents with college financial planning well before their student is ready for college.


After we connect with you and get to know your personality and educational/career goals, our creative process starts. A well-defined vision and well thought-out-strategy creates a map for the future of your brand. Your brand will enhance your unique qualities and make you stand out to admission committees so they can see you as one in a million instead of just one of the million applications.

Scholar Compass will connect you with our graphic designer, who will help you craft and package your unique identity into a brand that will help market you to colleges and universities. He will help you evolve your brand identity to represent your educational life. He will design your brand through his uniquely creative process based on your input, accomplishments, and personality. He will also help design a logo, social media accounts, and other marketing materials that are related to your needs.


Scholar Compass offers as an alternative to our full-service system, a golden express service. This service provides our expert advice and skills in a more concise manner. This service includes the initial consultation of our system and advice on how to complete the application and scholarship process on your own. We will begin the process, as usual, with our in-person consultation. Following this session, consultation proceeds as online and phone contact. This abbreviated service provides a review of the common application essay and comments on how to improve it. We will also recommend specific schools that meet your student's abilities and desires. We will review a scholarship essay and make comments on improving it. In addition, we will provide our expert advice on any questions you might have about the process of applying to colleges and universities. This abbreviated service allows you to take our knowledge and turn it into your student's gain. While we recommend our full eight-phase system, we understand that budget and time constraints can limit students and parents in their selection.